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Empower your finance and leadership teams in pursuit of more profit, cash flow, and less risk. By adding an outsource CFO to your management team you'll receive both C-level strategic leadership and tactical, systems-oriented guidance.





Our job is to help contractors generate consistent and healthy profits and cash flow: this month, this year, and down the road when you sell your business at a healthy valuation. Our services -- analytical, planning, systems development, and training -- are designed to help increase sales, protect job profits, and control overhead. We share industry best practices that can help companies like yours keep jobs cash positive and receivables collected, secure adequate financing, and invest in equipment that supports long-term labor productivity.



Your accounting system needs skilled, engaged people to run it. The hub of a top notch finance team is the Controller (or Accounting Manager), who drives day-to-day financial operations.  We help contractors define their Controller’s role with a results-oriented job description and evaluate Controller candidates. And we can help develop a Controller toward a higher level of performance: accurate and timely deliverables, efficient systems, safeguarded assets, career development for their staff, and a spirit of service to sales and field operations.

Accounting SYSTEMs

Hundreds of best practices form a contractor’s accounting system. Our team will help you implement those practices, from simple checklists to complex software selection and implementation. From a quick and accurate monthly close to getting the right information into the hands of the right person at the right time so they can do their job correctly. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, time tracking and payroll, estimating, job costing, backlog reporting, work in progress, the annual budget—all are important parts of the whole.


Budgets & Business Planning

The construction industry is full of surprises, but the savvy contractor prepares for and minimizes those surprises by planning ahead. Through the annual budget, a practical business plan, sales goals, market strategy, a risk management plan, and their exit strategy, contractors can operate against plans to build a long-term track record of success. We can lead the budget process and bring valuable expertise as an active participant in a company’s leadership team. Our style is one of transparent communication, accountability, partnership and trust.

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